The Black family in America is in crisis.

Since the 1960s, there has been an assault on the institution of the black nuclear family.

Marriage rates have declined dramatically (77% of black women are unmarried), and more children are born out of wedlock (69.4% – 2018, CDC).

The strength of our communities lies in the power of our individual community.

Our family.

The focus of The Black Tradwife is to give a voice for women like myself. Women who look at these numbers and the state of black America with dismay.

We are women who are inspired by a more traditional and simple life when it comes to the family we create.

We are dedicated to breaking generational trauma that has lent a major hand in the destruction of marriage, and healthy relationships between black men and black women.

We are women doing the personal inner work to course correct, and to overcome unfortunate situations we’ve dealt with in our own lives. Whether we were responsible for them or not.

We are women SICK of the “strong, independent, don’t need to man or nobody” black woman trope. And we are working hard to be the OPPOSITE of that.

Resilient women.

Feminine women.

Women who understand the power of our grace, class, intuition, and intelligence – and how that can impact the world around us.

The Black Tradwife is you!

And here to inspire you to rebuild the strength of our community by rebuilding and creating the black nuclear family.